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Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute (COPSI) Network

The COPSI Network consists of four Canadian Sport Institutes (Pacific, Calgary, Ontario, Quebec) and three Canadian Sport Centres (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Atlantic). This section outlines OTP’s historical funding recommendations to the COPSI Network over the most recent four year period. CSI funding amounts include funds directed to CSIs and CSCs by National Sport Organizations for Sport Science, Sport Medicine and NextGen programs. NextGen institute support focuses on athletes and teams that are eight to five years from the podium as identified by the sport specific Podium Pathway and Gold Medal Profile.

  2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
CSC Atlantic $531,160 $517,840 $558,941 $645,846
CSC Manitoba $407,300 $430,800 $404,250 $374,010
CSC Saskatchewan $306,920 $302,420 $297,420 $298,420
CSI Calgary $4,984,790 $3,915,350 $4,112,600 $ 3,812,317
CSI Ontario $2,040,170 $2,412,629 $2,258,890 $2,487,849
CSI Pacific $3,621,160 $3,783,210 $4,143,876 $3,894,160
INS Quebec $3,804,175 $3,819,674 $3,298,149 $2,936,062
  $ 15,695,675 $ 15,181,923 $ 15,074,126 $ 14,448,664

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