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Coach Assessment

Effective assessment must take place in order to celebrate best practice, clearly identify competencies that require development and to track the progress of coaches involved in the Coaching Enhancement Program.

Development begins with Assessment

World-Class development follows World-Class assessment. Thorough coaching assessments will take place every 24 months in order to design ongoing coaching development plans and to celebrate progress. Access to Canada Coach and targeted Professional Development opportunities begins with the CEP Assessment program. Coaches must complete the assessment program before taking advantage of Canada Coach or targeted Professional Development.

360-Degree Leadership Assessment

All successful development programs begin by assessing the impact a leader has on those around them. The CEP’s 360-degree assessment initiative provides professional feedback to targeted coaches by celebrating best practice and identifying opportunities to further develop core competencies within World-Class Coaching Excellence. The assessment will serve as a guide for the participating coach as they enter the CEP with the intent of taking full advantage of development initiatives.

Technical Tactical Assessment

Technical and Tactical Assessment is completed by the NSOs, with support of the CEP. This assessment is a precursor to any potential professional development opportunities in the Tech Tac areas of the World Class Coaching Excellence model.

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