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Targeted Professional Development (PD)

A flexible professional development program intended to match expertise with coaching competency gaps. A menu of service providers and experiences will be developed to ensure best-practice and service quality.

Mentorship Overview

The PD component of the CEP is intended to match expertise (Mentors) within the sport system with coaches (Mentees) who are currently working with podium potential athletes and who have competed the 360-degree assessment. The development of both leadership and sport-specific technical/tactical competencies is eligible for funding support. Development plans may include mentorship, exposure to an appropriate sport on non-sport high performance environments (experiential), specific workshops and/or executive coaching.

Mentorship focuses on the acquisition or achievement of knowledge and skills; consists of appropriate support and assistance with career and professional development; is, in this instance, focused on filling competency gaps that the Mentee is aware of and is motivated to fill through awareness and skill acquisition; and is personal in nature, involving direct interaction.


  • Assessment – The Mentee will share an overview of their assessment with the Mentor in order that inherent strengths and weaknesses are identified.

  • Clear goals and agreements – The Mentor and the Mentee will outline goals and agree on how each person will contribute to the developmental experience.

Program Costs

The cost of all programing, travel, meals and accommodation related to the Mentorship experience is borne by the CEP.

Additional Professional Development opportunities 

  1. Targeted Tech Tac strategy – Selected sports benefit from customized Technical and Tactical development.

  2. Targeted Leadership strategy – Selected sports have an opportunity to work with their senior coaches (individually or in small groups) to further develop their leadership skills.

NSO “Team” Coaching Activities – An opportunity to experience a custom-designed professional development experience at a camp or a time when a large number of senior coaches from the same sport are together.

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