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Women in Coaching Initiative

The Coaching Enhancement Program (CEP) has prioritized providing financial support to the Coaching Association of Canada’s (CAC) Women in Coaching program, in addition to targeted investment opportunities for female coaches at the Next Generation and Pathway levels.


Women in Coaching initiatives funded through the CEP directly deliver measurable outcomes for women in coaching at the Olympic and Paralympic level. A number of organizations are developing institutional changes that are impacting the culture of coaching in Canada to be more inclusive and gender diverse, and the CEP has a need to immediately have women represented in Olympic and Paralympic roles to increase the quality of peer to peer development for all coaches from Olympic and Paralympic sports.

Having women present in the CEP enhances the experience and diversity of thought experienced by all participants and their inclusion is critical for creating a “community of Olympic and Paralympic level coaches in Canada”. The intent is to build on the CAC program that is currently in place and to provide even more development opportunities for coaches and enhance existing partnerships in the Canadian sport system.

The Value of Assessment

Without proper assessment practices it is difficult to build a development plan that has the required focus to change coaching behaviour and, ultimately, athlete performance. All women in coaching participants will take place in the CEP Coach Assessment program.

Coach Mentors 

The mentors that are currently working with the CAC Apprentice coaches will be trained in the Coach Assessment concepts and will participate in the debrief with the coaches. This allows the Mentors to better understand the assessment system and to work directly with the coaches during developmental phase.

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