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Own the Podium’s SPIN Summit Headed to Halifax in ...

April 19, 2023
Own the Podium partners with Canadian Sport Institute Atlantic to bring sport scientists and researchers to Atlantic Canada for 18th annual symposium. ... Read More

Own the Podium to Join Abuse-Free Sport on April 1 ...

March 31, 2023
OTTAWA—Own the Podium has continued its commitment to ensuring a safe and welcoming sport environment for all in Canada’s ... Read More

Own the Podium Board of Directors – Athlete Nomina ...

March 23, 2023
There are two Athlete Director positions open for election on the Own the Podium (OTP) Board of Directors for a 2 year term beginning on July 13, 2023 ... Read More

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Own the Podium Board of Directors – Athlete Nomination Opportunity

There are two Athlete Director positions open for election on the Own the Podium (OTP) Board of Directors for a 2 year term beginning on July 13, 2023. 

One position will be for an athlete that has competed for Canada in the Olympic Games and one for an athlete that has competed for Canada in the Paralympic Games. The Directors will be eligible to be elected for one additional two year term in the capacity of an Athlete Director. The Directors may be eligible to serve two additional two year terms for a non-athlete Director position. In addition to this public call for applicants, candidates will be nominated by the COC Athletes’ Commission, CPC Athletes’ Council and AthletesCAN. The OTP Governance and Nominating Committee will review the applications and provide recommendations to the OTP Board of Directors for consideration of election as an Athlete Director at the July 2023 OTP Annual General Meeting. 

Own the Podium (OTP)

OTP was first established in 2005 to help Canada become the number one nation at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games and to place in the top three nations in the gold medal count at the 2010 Winter Paralympic Games. OTP is a not for profit corporation with a mission of leading the development of Canadian sports to achieve sustainable and improved performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games through a values based approach. The mandate of OTP is:

  1. to provide technical support to national sport organizations with the aim of delivering more Olympic and Paralympic medals for Canada, and

  2. to prioritize investment strategies by making funding recommendations using an evidence based, expert driven, targeted and collaborative approach.  


Excellence: Excellence is a habit. We strive for performance solutions every day within our team and with our partners to drive continuous improvement. 

Bold Leadership: Forging new paths takes courage. We challenge the status quo by encouraging innovation, supporting calculated risks and empowering the pursuit of excellence.

Collaboration: Working together is powerful. We work with our partners to achieve greater success by leveraging personal and collective strengths.

Respect: People and their perspectives matter. We show our teammates and partners that we care about the consequences of our actions and treat them with dignity by considering their ideas and opinions.

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation of trust. We are committed to building mutual confidence and trust in all of our relationships by being honest, transparent and fair.

Accountability: Owning our actions is fundamental. We consistently meet our commitments and take responsibility for our behaviours and decisions.

Diversity: Difference is valued. We believe in an inclusive culture that empowers all of us to connect, belong and grow.

OTP’s largest contributor of funding is the Government of Canada. Additional funding is provided by the Canadian Olympic Committee, Canadian Olympic Foundation, Canadian Paralympic Committee, Paralympic Foundation of Canada and the private sector.

OTP is committed to conducting its activities with integrity and in accordance with the highest ethical standards. The Board of Directors of OTP has fiduciary responsibility over the corporation. It ensures that all activities conducted by the corporation are in full compliance with the terms of the corporation’s By-laws, policies and contribution agreement with the Department of Canadian Heritage and all applicable, rules and regulations. The Board conducts business through regular meetings of the full Board, the Finance and Audit Committee and the Governance and Nominating Committee.

The Board consists of no less than seven nor greater than twelve voting members. Three Directors are nominated from a slate of up to seven individuals recommended by the Minister of Sport, one qualified individual to be considered as a Director by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) who may be elected by the OTP Board of Directors, one qualified individual to be considered as a Director nominated  from a slate of up to three to five individuals by the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) who may be elected by the OTP Board of Directors, up to an additional five independent qualified Directors and at least two Athlete Directors. 


No Director of OTP shall receive an honorarium or other remuneration from the corporation, however a Director may be reimbursed reasonable expenses incurred by such Director in the performance of their duties, including costs and expenses related to attending meetings of the Board.

How To Apply

Please email your cover letter to: 
Anne Merklinger, Chief Executive Officer, Own the Podium

Candidates must submit an application via email to the email address provided above by June 1, 2023.  (Information sent by email is not protected. Please ensure sensitive personal information, such as your Social Insurance Number and birthdate are not included in your application.)  

Applications must include the following:

  • a cover letter addressing the education and experience criteria listed below; 
  • a copy of your curriculum vitae; and
  • the name and contact information for two references. 

Documents received after the deadline will not be accepted. All documents may be submitted in either French or English. 

Gender Parity and Diversity

Own the Podium is committed to ensuring that its nominations for Directors on the Board take into consideration the desire to achieve gender parity and reflect Canada’s diversity.

To be considered for this position, please provide examples that clearly demonstrate how you meet the following requirements in your application:

Selection Criteria for Athlete Directors:

Criteria for Athlete Directors to be considered for election to the OTP Board of Directors are as follows:

  • Recently retired accomplished high performance athletes (retired a minimum of 1 year and maximum of 4 years)
  • Have competed for Canada at the Olympic or Paralympic Games  
  • Prior experience as an athlete representative
  • Knowledge of Canada’s High Performance Sport Strategy and demonstrated commitment to OTP’s vision, mandate and values are assets
  • Not be convicted or otherwise sanctioned for: a doping offence pursuant to the World Anti-Doping Code or Canadian Anti-doping Program Rules or Any other offence or breach of any policies or agreements, including codes of conduct with a National Sport Organization or Multi-Sport Organization.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of the mandate and activities of OTP as well as the environment within which it operates;
  • Understanding and appreciation for the importance of Canadians excelling in high performance sport on the global stage; and
  • Understanding of the need for strong Board/Management culture.

References of candidates may be contacted to verify how you have demonstrated the knowledge, skills and abilities and the following personal attributes in your current and recently held positions: 
Personal Suitability

  • Strategic and innovative leadership
  • High ethical standards, integrity and impartiality
  • Tact and diplomacy
  • Sound judgement
  • Superior interpersonal skills

Eligibility Factors and Conditions of Appointment

In your application, you must clearly demonstrate that you meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old, have not been declared incapable by a court in Canada or another country, do not have the status of bankrupt and be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.

The successful candidate must commit to:

  • attend board meetings when and where required (a minimum of two to three face to face Board meetings per year and others virtually as required);  
  • fulfil the duties and responsibilities of a member of the board as per the OTP by-laws.
Results of this process will be sent to all candidates at the address provided on their application. 

For Canada to be a world leader in high performance sport at the Olympic and Paralympic Games








Support our athletes’ ongoing success


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