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Canada Leads

Canada Leads is the flagship multi-sport experience that provides an optimal environment to best prepare high performance coaches and technical leaders to perform at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Over the course of four (4) 4-day sessions which span 18-months, individuals from Canada’s leading sports come together to refine leadership skills required to compete with the best in the world. This intensive growth experience will arm participants to take on high performance sport challenges, have a greater awareness of the impact of their leadership behaviors and benefit from a stronger network within the Canadian high performance system.


The Canada Leads Program leverages the power of connecting Canada’s finest Olympic and Paralympic coaches and technical leaders in a setting where they can share best-practices and personal challenges while being exposed to expertise to enhance critical competencies. The most impactful of Pursuit initiatives, these experiences require coaches and technical leaders to make a significant commitment towards their growth. 

The Canada Leads Experience 

The integrated learning journey below outlines the in-person sessions and themes. Content is 75% consistent and 25% customized based on the needs of the Cohort. 


Cohorts and Sessions

Approximately ten (10) coaches and/or technical leaders will make up each Cohort, respectively. Cohorts will complete four, four-day sessions that will take place in the spring and/or fall each year. Dates will be set in advance so that participants are clear on the commitment, as attendance is mandatory at all sessions.
Programming will be delivered through two intersecting streams.
  1. Coaches – This successful initiative will continue to be delivered at a pace that fits the need of targeted NSOs (steady state of coaches per year).
  2. Leaders – This initiative was introduced based on Pursuit principles and is customized based on the needs of NSOs and leaders.
The Sessions will start with both coach and technical leader Cohorts running concurrently in Session A. Session B and C will connect in content with each Cohort identifying their own dates and location. For Session D, the Cohorts will have their own space to conclude their Canada Leads journey together. The content reflects this intersection while respecting private space and confidentiality.

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