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Team Sport Strategy Historical Comparison

This section outlines the historical OTP team sport funding recommendations to Olympic and Paralympic summer team sports based on a rolling quadrennial. Funding is focused on the longer term objective of podium potential results at subsequent Olympic Games and qualification for the upcoming Games. Please note that team sports considered to be medal potential for 2016 are included under the summer sport funding category.

Olympic Sports

  Rio Quadrennial Tokyo Quadrennial1
Basketball (F) $4,364,765 $6,220,500
Basketball (M) $2,275,000 $4,480,000
Field Hockey (F) $2,150,000 -
Field Hockey (M) $300,000 $2,450,000
Rugby 7s (M) $3,150,000 $1,110,000
Volleyball (M) $4,175,000 $5,437,500
Waterpolo (F) $1,700,000 $4,095,000
Waterpolo (M) $2,675,000 $2,015,000
Olympic Total $21,239,765 $25,808,000

Paralympic Sports

  Rio Quadrennial Tokyo Quadrennial1
Wheelchair Basketball (F) $1,175,000 $3,901,750
Wheelchair Basketball (M) - $3,787,250
Paralympic Total $1,175,000 $7,689,000
Total Funding $22,414,765 $33,497,000
1 - Inlcudes a five year quad

* $1,866,201 in this quadrennial was directed to the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institutes to support summer team sport strategy NSO’s.

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