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Professional Enhancement

The intent of Professional Enhancement is to provide customized growth experiences that are based on the gap analysis through varying methods of personal and professional assessments. The experiences may be delivered on an individual basis or as part of an NSO or multi-sport group and will address specific leadership and sport specific technical performance gaps that may limit high performance coaches and technical leaders from enabling athletes and staff in achieving podium performances. 

Professional Enhancement Categories 

  1. Individual – These experiences will be either leadership, practical or Tech/Tac focused. This includes, but is not limited to coaching, observation, technical/tactical exposure, specific skill development, best practices review, etc. 

  1. Multi-sport Workshops – These workshops will be designed based on common growth needs of leaders in the HP system. A menu of topics will be presented for selection specific to the needs of high-performance leaders. 

  1. OTP Core Sport NSO Workshops – OTP designated Core sports may participate in at least one leadership team workshop every 24 months. These workshops will be customized to build common advance leadership focuses across the team in a particular OTP Core Sport NSO. Quadrennial leadership strategies will be established with all OTP Core Sports to ensure that these workshops progressively challenge and advance NSO leadership teams. 


Gap Analysis 

Prioritized gaps are identified through the OTP sport review process, the assessment process and/or through Pursuit staff observation in Canada Leads. Projects are developed in collaboration with the HPD and/or HPA and presented to the Pursuit team for review. Approvals will be made based on the projects’ projected efficacy in mitigating podium performance risks for current or future targeted athletes and on the support of the NSO. 

Women in Leadership 

The women in leadership strategy is for coaches and technical leaders who are women to develop professional skills that are transferrable to the environment. Each year a minimum of two women-only coaching workshops will be delivered. These experiences will include virtual sessions in the months following the workshops. Pursuit will strive for a minimum of 20% of all targeted professional enhancement activities be provided to coaches and technical leaders in the high-performance system who are women. 

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