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Performance Network

Canadian high performance sport community engagements provide collaborative networking opportunities to inspire attendees to consider innovative approaches. A virtual community of practice will bring together Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic best with the intent of celebrating winter and summer success and sharing world-class trends. 

To build a leadership support community in their drive for excellence, through virtual connection and community engagements. This will celebrate Olympic and Paralympic success and share best practice by: 


      1.  Sharing world-class high-performance expertise 
  1. Collaborating on high performance opportunities 

  1. Recognizing successes and achievements 

  1. Providing engagement and networking opportunities 

Virtual Community 

Pursuit will host an online platform to incorporate coaches and technical leaders in a virtual support network. Channels will be strategically implemented based on predetermined groups, categories, and themes. 

Leader Hubs 

Leading in a national system is often a lonely job. Organic hubs of leaders provide support for "gatherings” (e.g., get-togethers or lunch ‘n learn) to build connections and support groups. Located in populated geographical locations, these hubs may extend to families and friends to enhance the support network. 

Resilience and Wellbeing 

Resilient leaders can sustain their energy level under pressure, cope with disruptive changes and adapt. Wellness is one’s ability to live a satisfying and balanced life. These are day-to-day qualities that impact and reflect the person, their sport community, their family, and friends. Taking a preventative approach to health and wellbeing and grounded in both strong physical and mental fitness, Pursuit ensures coaches and technical leaders have an effective and sustainable impact leading their sports. 

High Performance Leaders’ Summit 

Pursuit will deliver a partially facilitated, virtual summit. For high performance coaches and technical leaders of Olympic and Paralympic sports, the summit will provide connection on world class trends and innovations. 


Pursuit will prioritize every opportunity to recognize the successes and achievements of Canada’s leaders. 

For Canada to be a world leader in high performance sport at the Olympic and Paralympic Games








Support our athletes’ ongoing success


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