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People Management

Pursuit provides support to NSOs to ensure effective talent identification, recruitment, hiring, succession planning and transition. This is done through the development of a toolkit that NSOs can take advantage of when meeting their staffing needs for a high performance coach or technical leader.  


  1. To provide support, resource materials and tools for NSOs to assist them in identifying, assessing and hiring prospective talent into their coaching and leader pools. 

  1. To provide support, resource materials and tools for coaches and technical leaders in their career pathway and transition beyond their current role. 

Human Resource Model 

A model that supports NSOs in recruiting, hiring, and developing world-class coaches and technical leaders. This will prioritize key competencies and critical experiences prior to hiring. This includes best practice in internal and external recruitment, pathway growth, job description and ongoing performance management.  


In part, this initiative will support NSOs in how they position and develop their leaders so that the talent in the pipeline is optimally prepared to take on essential high performance roles.


Tool Kit

The purpose of the toolkit is to support NSOs by enhancing their human resource capacity using standardized but customizable templates. Several critical elements will compile the Tool Kit that will be developed for use by NSOs.

Success Profile and Talent Identification

  1. High Performance Coach Success Profile – To assist NSO leadership in identifying which responsibilities, competencies, traits, and drivers are most critical in the search for coaching talent to fill a particular role.  
  2. High Performance Director Success Profile – To assist NSO leadership in identifying which responsibilities, competencies, traits, and drivers are most critical in the search for HPDs and technical leaders.

Recruitment and Assessment

  1. International Best Practice – Specific to securing international coaching, a guide will be provided to help NSOs to effectively recruit and induct coaches from other nations.
  2. Assessment Tools – Assessment tools will allow NSOs to organize impressions in relation to the success profiles. NSOs will have access to a self-assessment tool that prospective coaches and technical leaders can complete.

Hiring and Onboarding

  1. Hiring Process Model – This model will explore the different processes possible to effectively identify and select the best candidate for a coaching or leader role.
  2. Job Description Templates – To align with the success profile, the job description template will allow NSOs to advertise positions with intent and a clear vision of what success looks like for a role.
  3. Interview Guides – Generic, yet flexible, interview guides that are linked to the Success profile’s competencies and assessment tool, will provide NSOs with a framework for questioning and conversation during the interview process.
  4. Onboarding Guide – A guide to assist NSOs with the initial onboarding process. The package would include: NSO policies and procedures, overviews of the Canadian High Performance community, identification of critical stakeholders and essential coach support services. 

Career Development and Sustainability

  • Career Development and Transition – Professional business executive education to close gaps outside of traditional sport competencies, such as financial management, governance, strategic planning, etc.
  • Succession Planning Model – Tools to support NSOs in identifying possible successors from within their organization. 

Recognition and Incentives

  • Recognition – A targeted and intentional effort to recognize and share coach and leader successes within the community.
  • Incentives – Partnerships and alignment with like-minded companies and products to offer incentives and enhance the coaching and leadership space.

Succession Planning and Transition

  • Planning tools – Structure to long term vision and planning for NSOs to ensure their pipeline is flowing.
  • Transition – Planning tools to support coach and leader transition through retirement, out of sport or on to the next stage of their career.

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