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Our Team

Own the Podium Chief Executive Officer

Anne Merklinger

Own the Podium LEADERSHIP Team

Dennis Blinn - Vice President, Partnerships, Finance and Administration 
Patricia Chafe - Vice President, Winter Sport
Mark Hahto - Vice President, Summer Sport
Dr. Andy Van Neutegem - Vice President, Performance Sciences, Research and Innovation

Own the Podium Team

Amira Bayoumy - Manager, Finance
Cailey Bryson - Coordinator, Performance Sciences, Research and Innovation
Libby Burrell - High Performance Advisor
Graham Chapman - Manager, Information Technology
Walter Corey  - High Performance Advisor
Alex Davidson  - High Performance Advisor
Melody Davidson - High Performance Advisor
Chris Dornan - Media Consultant
Paul Dorotich - Sport Analytics Advisor
Michael Frogley - Summer Paralympic Performance Advisor
Jodi Hawley - Podium Pathway Advisor
Dr. Jane Labreche - Sport Science/ Sport Medicine Advisor
Kristen Lacelle - Coordinator, Winter Sport and Pursuit
Jessica Levitt (Dilliott) - High Performance Advisor
Eugene Liang - High Performance Advisor
Chris Lindsay - High Performance Advisor
Shelley Milton - Manager, Operations and Administration; Executive Assistant
Marc-André Moreau - High Performance Advisor
Justin Oliveira - High Performance Advisor
Brian Rahill - High Performance Advisor
Eman Smadi Sport Data Scientist
Danika Tanguay - Manager, Summer Sport and Technical Projects
Laura Watson - High Performance Coaching Advisor

For Canada to be a world leader in high performance sport at the Olympic and Paralympic Games








Support our athletes’ ongoing success


Media Information

Learn more about the current direction of Own the Podium, as we support Canadian athletes on their journey to the top of the Olympic and Paralympic podium.