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Canada Coach

Canada Coach is the foundational development opportunity in the Coaching Enhancement Program for Canada’s coaches.

Coaches from Canada’s leading sports come together to develop the leadership skills required to compete with the best programs in the world. Four, four-day modules over 18 months provide these coaches with a development opportunity of a lifetime.

Canada Coach leverages the power of connecting Canada’s world class coaches from Olympic and Paralympic sports in a setting where they can share best-practices and personal coaching challenges while being exposed to expertise in critical coaching areas.

The Case for Canada Coach

Given the demands on their time, our senior world class coaches rarely have an opportunity to self-reflect and dedicate time to their personal development. One of the most effective learning environments for our coaches is created when coaches from a variety of sports share best practice and discuss common challenges. Canada Coach brings these two powerful elements together in the pursuit of coaching excellence. Peer engagement and support, coupled with expert content provides a formula designed to allow participating coaches an opportunity to master the elements required to be a world-class coach.

It is clear that:

  • Senior coaches benefit from targeted development experiences,

  • NSOs are strapped for time and resources to do this properly and,

  • One of the most powerful learning environments for any coach, but particularly our most senior, is one he or she shares with their peers.

Program Details

Approximately eight (8) coaches make up each cohort. Participants complete four, four-day modules that take place in the Spring and Fall each year. Dates are set in advance so that coaches are clear on the commitment. Attendance at the modules is mandatory. If necessary, NSOs will be required to back-fill while coaches attend the modules.



Module content is based on foundational coaching and leadership principles as well as feedback from the CEP leadership assessment.  All Canada Coach participants will experience 75% common content. The remaining 25% of the content will target shared competency gaps for the individual coaches in each cohort. The intent is to ensure that coaches are investing their time effectively and this customized approach will deliver on that commitment as well as build confidence amongst the coaches who are part of the program. The combination of establishing common content for all senior coaches and customizing for each cohort provides a powerful balance between common and individual requirements. 

For Canada to be a world leader in high performance sport at the Olympic and Paralympic Games








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